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The latest review, by Judge John Bell, states, “Janice, you are incredibly talented and I have sat mesmerized by your writing.”


Life experiences make you who you are.

This Writer grew up all over Upstate New York, graduated Cornell University Hotel School and headed West. She is passionate about family, friends, healthy local food and Mother Nature. Travel and exploration are in her blood, taking her places even she did not imagine, meeting incredible characters along the way. 

Janice Anne is happy, healthy and full of laughter. The Chef part of her has become a fascinating hobby! Obsessed with fresh local food, flavors, and nutrition, she happily cooks for friends everywhere and donates her skills as a Private Chef to organizations such as Susan G. Komen, Wounded Warriors, American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge, and the North Country Chamber of Commerce. 'Spicing Up The World' is her Secret Spice business; you better Google that and try some!

We are Spicing Up The World in more ways than one. 

Join us. 

It has been a wild ride, and the journey continues for this Biographer turned Ghost Writer.

A motto of this Writer: Say What Needs To Be Said, & make it interesting!

Life is such a great Journey!  I am so happy to be a Biographer, a Ghost Writer, your Writer...

Enjoy, be honest, stay in touch with those who have made your life better. 

Please click on the 'Contact Me' Page, I'd love to hear from you as you travel along your incredibly unique path.

All the best,