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Early morning writing sessions with Max helped me produce 'The New Girls.'

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Janice Anne Wheeler is a Chef & Entrepreneur who is honored to be a Writer sharing her unique outlook on the world! Janice has written two very personal Memoirs and two compelling Biographies in a captivating, conversational style. She loves learning about and conveying the amazing stories that ordinary heroes have. Everybody has a Story. Let her be your Biographer or Ghost Writer!

Janice Anne returned to her family in New York three years ago and found she possesses the BRCA2 Breast Cancer genetic mutation. She made a drastic choice to save her life, and "The New Girls" was written as she recovered from a prophylactic double mastectomy with reconstruction. This experience brought a strong desire to increase awareness of BRCA and the choices it entails. She hopes that her story helps people facing situations similar to her own and hopefully, "The New Girls" will give comfort, knowing they are not alone.

Her second book, "Say What Needs to be Said,” tells of the precious time spent with her father at the end of his life and the incredible lessons that were learned. A must-read for anyone with parents! One of those lessons is always remember to laugh. She has written for Sport & Travel Magazines.

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'The New Girls' BRCA2

Just the beginning...

Live Life Without Regret

Live Life Without Regret

The New first work...

My rare genetic mutation, BRCA2, is almost certainly a death sentence. I will get Cancer in my lifetime. There is a way to beat the odds; Prophylactic Double Mastectomy. Sacrifice my breasts, yes, remove my breasts, and replace them with 'The New Girls'. This surgery is not for the faint of heart. Removing healthy organs is unnatural, almost unthinkable, and surgery is risky. But Breast Cancer is a horrible disease and has taken so many people I loved.

When I faced this choice, there was no information. I was confused, scared, uncertain. Was this too drastic or was I saving my life? I made my decision, underwent the surgery. During the recovery, I wrote this book so that others may have perspectives and information that I did not. I now understand how little awareness there is of this mutation, known as BRCA. There is even less understanding of the solution I chose.

'The New Girls' is the story of how I faced this frightening reality; hysterectomy, double mastectomy, the acceptance of the new me. It has been a daunting ride, an emotional one. If you or someone you know is facing such a decision, hopefully, 'The New Girls' will give comfort, knowing that they are not alone. I felt alone.

Live Life Without Regret

Live Life Without Regret

Live Life Without Regret

Live Life Without Regret

On the first day of this year I pulled an illegal U-turn and went back to visit him, in the nursing home. Because somehow I knew I needed to, I knew I was running out of time. I hope I turned around all the other times I needed to, sat there when I needed to. Talked to him every time I needed to, every time he needed me to.

My father was dying. I knew this. I abandoned my life, moved here, to be with him, to assist in his care. I’ve been with him for two solid years and they think I have at least that much more time as the disease progresses, stealing his abilities, his independence.

Did he know how much I loved him? That I would have done anything in my power to make his life better? I hope so, I better have. There is no second chance, no do-over.

My grandfather walked down the street to buy milk and never came back, was struck, and died instantly. I did not feel that I had said all that I wanted to, to him. It was a hard lesson. It has taken my lifetime to learn it well. This book contains a few of those hard lessons, I hope they help you 'Say What Needs To Be Said'.   


'Knot Today'

Live Life Without Regret

My Storm Within~ Imprisoned by Love


Air Force Veteran Scott Aubin’s incredible story was published on July 4th, 2019. He was overwhelmed by PTSD but prevailed after a suicide attempt taught him lessons that he is now teaching nationwide as a Suicide Prevention and Motivational Speaker. So proud to be his Biographer!

Undiagnosed PTSD.
Does Death Follow me?

It’s a damn good thing I joined the Air Force and not the Navy. In the Navy they teach you proper knots. The knot I tied around my neck didn’t hold when I stepped off the ladder. Suicide? Knot Today. For the first time in years, as I lay on the cold concrete of that garage, I was glad to be alive.

  For decades I had never said a word. 'I’m good', I told everyone, but I was not.

  I simply had to start using my voice, telling my story, for the good of others. It’s a story of the prevailing human spirit, and I hope it will help others speak out. Because needing help is not a weakness, it makes you human. Everybody has a story.

 My co-author Scott W.F. Aubin has seen things that most of us never will. His story is compelling, his spirit unconquerable. PTSD made life impossible, he has prevailed. Now a suicide prevention speaker nationwide, he serves our country by sharing his story, traveling with his Service Dog, Dash. He tried to take his life, those who know him are grateful that it was 'Knot Today'.

"A must read...." 

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My Storm Within~ Imprisoned by Love

Intuitive, Intelligent, and Born Wanting to Learn. An Innovation in Service Dogs.

My Storm Within~ Imprisoned by Love

 Shocking the Nation, Seamstress and Artist Denise Prell found herself “Imprisoned by Love” in her Story of a short Fairy Tale Love affair with a Maximum Security Prison inmate that landed her behind bars herself.  As a writer and biographer I loved her Story. You can read her entire truth and decide for yourself if she was punished unjustly for her ‘crimes of passion’!

 The Service Dog Project donates creatively educated Great Danes to Veterans, First Responders and t

Intuitive, Intelligent, and Born Wanting to Learn. An Innovation in Service Dogs.

Intuitive, Intelligent, and Born Wanting to Learn. An Innovation in Service Dogs.

Intuitive, Intelligent, and Born Wanting to Learn. An Innovation in Service Dogs.

The Service Dog Project donates creatively educated Great Danes to Veterans, First Responders and the Mobility Impaired. People regain their independence; children may no longer need wheelchairs or crutches. Servicemen adjust to their new normal with a smart, strong, even-tempered Great Dane by their side. This innovative non-profit organization was conceived by Carlene White who, at age eighty-two, is still firmly at the helm with a sense of purpose, a sense of humor and a sense of irony. Everyone is welcome; those who need a Service Dog, and those who need to help others. This book lets you experience a crazy day in the life of raising superb Great Dane Service Dogs! Everyone has to dig in and work hard; improving lives takes a village!“A good idea is never easy to implement.” Ah, but the rewards, in this case, are astounding. The Service Dog Project pays it forward by making people’s lives better. The people are living examples of resilience, strength, and bravery, the dogs are even more captivating. Here are a few of their stories. Complete with blog excerpts, amazing photographs and social media links including live footage on